In this episode of Fit Sense I discuss whether or not you can build muscle by using a Bowflex.  I get this question a lot due to my affiliation with them as a fitness and biomechanics expert.

I discuss:

  • What the current research shows on building muscle with elastic resistance which has the same properties as the Power Rod resistance
  • Why you can’t compare Bowflex Power Rod resistance to free weights
  • Why the thought that Bowflex Power Rods and any other type of elastic resistance (resistance tubing, bands, etc.) are only good for creating long and lean muscles is false
  • What you really need to be concerned about when trying to build muscle!

We also answer two questions sent in by listeners on:

  • Whether or not plant based proteins are effective and how they stack up to whey protein and whole food protein
  • Do you need to count your calories if you’re trying to lose fat and working out at least 3 times a week for 30 min’s each

Links to resources discussed in the podcast:

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